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Facility & Ranges

Our facility has a 2,300-acre multipurpose training complex providing world-class training facilities for DoD, Law Enforcement, and Civilians.

Our ranges include a 2,300m UKD, 1,000 Yard KDR, Multi-Purpose Range, Four Bay Pistol Complex and Mobility Shooting Bays.

Additional tactical training areas include the Breach/MOUT Facility, Live Fire Shoot House, Off-Road Mobility Course and an Obstacle Course. Our support infrastructure includes Climate-Controlled RSL storage, On-site Lodging, Classrooms, Office's, Planning Bays, Site Security/Controlled Access and 24/7 Support Staff.

Live Fire Shoot House

  • Total 7000 square feel of live fire training space
  • Multiple interior and exterior breach points
  • Multi-configurable walls (256 different house layouts)
  • Elevated catwalks
  • Train 24/7 with covered and lighted structure

Breach Facility

  • 22 Acre Breaching Facility with 20lbs NEW
  • Live Fire LAW Rocket Range
  • Live Grenade Safety Range
  • MOUT Site
  • Lighted / Covered Demo Charge Prep Area
  • Custom Target Construction Available
  • 60 person AV capable classroom

2,300 UKD Range with 40ft Tower

2,300 Meter Unknown Distance Range has:

  • 10 upper tower firing lanes
  • 10 indoor Climate Controlled firing lanes
  • 20 Elevated covered berm firing lanes, and 68 steel reactionary targets.  
  • The UKD is also equipped with remote target camera system for extreme long range targets to include the 1-mile, 1900m, 2100m and 2300m targets. 

Pistol Bays

  • Action target 25 DTAPS moving target systems pre-programmed for LE requalification 
  • Covered Firing Positions
  • Lighted For Night Use
  • Three 50m x 50m Firing Ranges with 25 Lanes Each (Pictured Above)
  • Running Man Target System
  • Assorted Steel and Paper Targets

1,000 Yard KD Range

  • ​1,000 Yard Known Distance Range with elevated firing lines every 100 yards, lends itself to a variety of uses from training to competition.
  • The 1,000 yard firing line provides overhead cover and includes eight dual firing concrete bench rests as well as prone positions for all twenty-five firing lanes.
  • Custom designed target carriers hold 6′ x 6′ target frames and can be operated with ease by one person per carrier.  

Onsite Lodging

On site lodging for 60 personnel, each cabin includes:

  • Microwave
  • Mini Fridge
  • Private Bathroom / Shower
  • Heat
  • A/C

200M Multi-Purpose Range

  • 200 Meter Range
  • Covered Firing Positions
  • Assorted Steel and Paper Targets
  • 13 Dual Concrete Firing Benches
  • Real Terrain Combat Range

5494' Early County Aviation Public Airstrip

  • UAV Capable
  • C 130 Capable
  • Less than 5 miles from facility

Surveyed Drop Zones

Multiple Surveyed Drop Zones for both MFF and Static Line Operations on the facility. 


  • Secure and monitored alarm system, climate-controlled weapons storage armory equipped with weapons racks 
  • Separate demolitions storage with 1600lbs Net Explosive Weight Capacity
  • On-Site weapons available
  • Armorer available
  • 24-hour security personnel available 

Mobility Bays

  • Four 75m x 75m 360° bays  
  • One 25m  x 25m shotgun bay
  • One M4 assault bay   
  • Steel and Paper Targets  
  • Competition Ready  
  • Rolling Assault Lanes 

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